Dr François Petitjean

Former ARC DECRA Fellow

I am was an Academic at Monash University.

I used to do research in Machine Learning.

I built models for Environmental and Social Good.

In 2020, I decided to leave Academia after 11 terrific years in research and more than 7 years at Monash University.

I am excited to join the Australian Government where I hope to serve people more directly.

My dear AI research people, be well, compete less, and keep in mind the discriminations that the systems we develop might bring.

September 2020 Check out our Melbourne Friend Zone map!
September 2019 I visit Prof Themis Palpanas give a seminar at Université de Paris.
September 2019 I give an invited talk at the AALTD workshop at ECML/PKDD.
July 2019 Our beautiful land-cover map of Victoria is online!
May 2019 Our Proximity Forest paper for scalable time series classification is published in DAMI.
January 2019 Our paper on deep learning for satellite image time series is published in Remote Sensing.
November 2018 Myself and my colleagues Geoff Webb and Wray Buntine receive funding for our ARC Discovery Project!
May 2018 Our SDM'18 paper obtains Best Paper Award!
April 2018 Our FungalAI project on real-time surveillance of fungal infection from CT scans goes live.
March 2018 Visiting Faculty in A/Prof Camille Kurtz' team at Paris Descartes University.
January 2017 Dr Charlotte Pelletier and Benjamin Lucas join my research team.
January 2017 Our 2 papers on Time series classification and parameter learning are accepted for SDM'18 - see Research.
Sep Dec 2017 Visiting Faculty at NYU
November 2016 Awarded a DECRA from the Australian Research Council! More details here
September 2016 I receive the IBM Faculty Award - more details here
August 2016 We give a tutorial at KDD'16 - see here
July 2016 Have a look at our visualisation of the S&P500
May 2016 Our paper on multiple hypotheses testing accepted for KDD'16!
September 2016 I receive a $80,000 (USD) grant from the US Air Force - more details here
May 2016 I was fortunate to be awarded the Winner of Victorian Young Achiever Award - Research Impact, sponsored by Victoria University
May 2016 Our paper on Mining Interesting Sequential Patterns accepted to Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
January 2016 We give a tutorial at the 2016 Australian School of Information Theory - see here
December 2015 Our paper on Concept Drift accepted to Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
December 2015 Our work led by Nayyar Zaidi accepted to PAKDD 2016
Institution When? What?
logo Paris 5 Mar-Jul 2018 Visiting Faculty at at Paris Descartes University; collaborating with A/Professor Camille Kurtz.
logo nyu Sep-Dec 2017 Visiting Faculty at NYU in the Center for Data Science; collaborating with Professor F. Provost.
logo September 2016 Visiting researcher at Professor J. Inglada's lab at the French Space Agency.
logo April 2016 Visiting researcher at Professor E. Keogh's lab.
logo May 2015 Invited researcher at A/Professor G. Forestier's lab.
logo June 2014 Visiting researcher at Dr C. Raissï's lab.
logo April-May-2014 Visiting researcher at Professor E. Keogh's lab.
logo July 2013 Visiting researcher at A/Professor G. Forestier's lab.
logo May 2011 Visiting researcher at Professor M. Teisseire's lab at the Remote Sensing Center.
logo 2009-2012 Doctoral researcher at the French Space Agency, Thal�s and at the iCube laboratory.
logo 2009-2012 Teaching assistant at the Computer Science Department of the University of Strasbourg.
  • francois (dot) petitjean (at) monash (dot) edu
  • +61 3 990 59 182
  • Faculty of Information Technology
    25 Exhibition Walk - Office 224
    PO Box 63
    Monash University
    Victoria 3800